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Varitape is highly specialized and experienced in hot melt coating technology. We have a broad range of standard solutions, as well the capability to design and produce to your specific needs. With our meticulous coating according to your specifications, smaller order quantities and specialized knowledge, we are making the difference for our customers. 

Transfer Tape

The goal of our transfer tape is to connect the graphics to the designated substrate. Depending on the substrate production methods, we can advise you as to which kind of adhesive or tape is best suited for your application.

Adhesive strips

These tapes are mainly used for rough and/or uneven surfaces. They are easy to apply, creating a reliable and durable bond. We produce our adhesive strips in various (custom) widths, lengths and thicknesses. We produce with paper, PE, and PET liner. Our adhesive strips are used in many industries, including automotive, building and construction, insulation, and profiles.

Specialty Coating

Some examples of our specialty range are: dot coating, beads, round shaped die-cut hotmelt, DPI and fibre reinforced hotmelt. For any special request on hot melt technology, just contact us!

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